Östholm Design
Branding & Design Studio





Graphic Design

Typography, layout, website headers, business cards, booklets, posters, album covers, social media images, stationaries, ads, infographics, merchandise, wedding invitations. I've got you covered.


Logotypes & Branding

Brand design for new and existing brands. Scalable solutions ranging from a single logotype to full brand guidelines. I make sure your brands visual appearance stays consistent across all platforms.


Web & UI Design

Functional and attractive websites for individuals and businesses. Strong SEO and easy to update for owners. Why not getting a website for your business, a portfolio for your work or just put your CV online.


Icon Design & Illustration

Both online and offline icons and illustrations can help us support content. How well can people grasp the main points and how easily can they read and process information.


If you have any questions or just wanna discuss your project, don't hesitate to contact me.